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Managing IMAP

Managing IMAP

DE Dianna MulletKevin Mullet
September 2000 
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I. IMAP Fundamentals

1. The Internet Mail Model
     What Is the Internet Mail Model?
     Why Follow the Internet Mail Model?

2. What Is IMAP?
     IMAP in a Nutshell
     IMAP's Three Interaction Models
     Why IMAP?
     IMAP and POP: A Comparison
     Present and Future of IMAP
     Open Source Server Implementations
     IMAP-Related Standards and Documents

3. Anatomy of an IMAP Session
     IMAP Session Concepts
     IMAP Components
     An IMAP Session Play-by-Play

II. IMAP Mail User Agents (MUAs)

4. IMAP Clients
     Client Features
     PINE and PC PINE
     Star Mail
     Netscape Messenger
     Outlook Express
     Other Clients

5. Web-Based IMAP Clients
     What's a Web-Based IMAP Client?
     Why Use a Web-Based IMAP Client?
     Web IMAP Clients
     EMU 3

III. The Cyrus IMAP Server

6. Introduction to the Cyrus IMAP Server
     History of Cyrus
     Cyrus Concepts and Features
     Cyrus Server Configuration
     The Future of Cyrus
     Strengths and Weaknesses of Cyrus
     When Is Cyrus the Right Choice?

7. Installing the Cyrus IMAP Server
     Software Prerequisites
     Hardware Note
     Where to Get the Software
     Supported Platforms
     Installing Cyrus
     Upgrading from Previous Versions of Cyrus IMAP
     Components of Cyrus and What They Do
     Common Problems
     Significant Bugs

8. Configuring the Cyrus Server
     IMAP Configuration File and Directory
     Configuring the Authentication Mechanism
     Configuring syslog
     Configuring the MTA
     Getting Cyrus Up and Running
     Testing Your Server

9. Cyrus System Administration
     Cyrus System Administration with cyradm
     Common Tasks
     Batch Account Maintenance with cyradm
     Shared Folders and Bulletin Boards
     Mailstore Partitioning
     Quota Maintenance
     Disaster Recovery
     Migration from Berkeley (Unix) Mailbox Format to Cyrus
     Mail Forwarding and Filtering on a Black Box
     Usenet Integration
     Adding SSL Support to Cyrus

IV. The UW IMAP Server

10. Introduction to the UW IMAP Server
     What Is UW IMAP?
     UW's Strengths
     UW's Limitations
     UW IMAP Concepts
     Does UW IMAP Match Your Needs?

11. Installing UW IMAP
     Where Do You Get UW IMAP?
     What Do You Get with UW IMAP?
     How Do You Install It?
     Where Can You Go for Help If You Get Stuck?

12. UW System Administration
     General Issues
     UW IMAP Utilities

V. Other Topics

13. Addressing IMAP Security
     Security Resources
     A Handful of Security Tips
     Monitoring Security
     Boiling It All Down

14. Running a Dedicated Server
     What's a Dedicated Server?
     Account Provisioning
     Mission Restriction
     The Ultimate in Dedicated Servers

15. Server-Side Mail Filtering
     Why Filter on the Server?
     To Filter or Not to Filter-

16. Server Performance Tuning
     I/O Subsystem Tuning
     Memory Tuning
     Kernel and Network Driver Tuning
     How to Know When It's Time to Scale Up
     Running imapd: inetd Versus Standalone
     Charting It Up for the Suits

17. Remote Configuration Storage
     Why Store Client Configurations on a Server?
     IMSP, ACAP, or LDAP?

18. IMAP Tools
     IMAP Administration Tools
     Authentication Tools
     Monitoring and Testing Tools
     IMAP Clustering
     IMAP APIs

VI. Appendixes

A. Conversion from Berkeley Mail Format to Cyrus: Tools

B. Adding SSL Support to IMAP

C. IMAP Commands